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FatCow shared hosting was offering by FatCow hosting solutions provider, Original is a name of shared web hosting plan offered by FatCow, FatCow Original Linux shared web hosting plan is used FatCow control Panel control panel for customer interface and administration, this Original is cost you $4.1 USD per month if you go 12 Months payment deal. FatCow provided unlimited space, unlimited monthly traffic and unlimited domains hosting. 1webhostreview.com is also provides FatCow Uptime Monitoring information, we're start monitor FatCow since Thu, 19-Mar-09, so FatCow is monitored for where FatCow average uptime is 99.54%, weekly uptime is 0% and average response time is 0.262 second.

General features
Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth, Price $4.1 (12 Months), Unlimited websites hosting, Unlimited Park domains .
Support Scripts
PHP 4 or 5, Custom php.ini, PHP savemode=off, PHP Flag manager, PhpMyAdmin, CGI, CGI libraries, Perl, FrontPage V2000-2002, Python, Ruby on Rails .
Unlimited MySql, PhpMyAdmin .
Unlimited POP3 email accounts, SMTP, IMAP, email forwarder, Form-mail script, email Web-based, Catch all email accounts, Auto Responders, 1 mailing lists, email filter .
Files Manager, User Panel(FatCow control Panel), Website builder(SiteDelux), Web space statistics, Bandwidth statistics, Custom error pages .
Unlimited FTP accounts, anonymous FTP supported, Dreamweaver upload supported, Upload via web browser .
Supported file types
Flash, ShockWave, MIDI Steaming Audio Steaming Video, Real Audio, Real Video .
Pre-Scripts installer
InstallCentral pre-scripts installer, Blog = WordPress, Image Gallery = Gallery2-Coppermine, Ecommerce = ShopSite-OS Commerce, WebBoard = PHPBB, CMS, Counter, Guestbook = GBook, Poll = Poll .
Accessibility control
Password protection directory, URL without WWW enable, URL Mask, Hotlinking protection, Error Log, .Htaccess .
Additional offers
Free website templates, 1 domain(s) for life, International domain, 30days Money back guarantee .
24/7 support team, Live support, On call support .
Free promotes
$50 Google Credit-$25 Yahoo! Search Marketing .
UPS, Own Data Center, FireWall, Backup power generator, OC48 network .
Uptime Review
Long run FatCow Review Overall Uptime 99.54 %, Weekly uptime = 0 %
FatCow Average response time = 0.262 s, Since Thu, 19-Mar-09().

FatCow Daily/Weekly Uptime, Response Time and Reliability Review.
1st/ Wed, 28-Jul-21
FatCow, Daily Uptime = 0 % , FatCow Response Time = 0 s..
2nd/ Thu, 29-Jul-21
FatCow, Daily Uptime = 0 % , FatCow Response Time = 0 s.
3rd/ Fri, 30-Jul-21
FatCow, Daily Uptime = 0 % , FatCow Response Time = 0 s.
4th/ Sat, 31-Jul-21
FatCow, Daily Uptime = 0 % , FatCow Response Time = 0 s.
5th/ Sun, 01-Aug-21
FatCow, Daily Uptime = 0 % , FatCow Response Time = 0 s.
6th/ Mon, 02-Aug-21
FatCow, Daily Uptime = 0 % , FatCow Response Time = 0 s.
7th/ Tue, 03-Aug-21
FatCow, Daily Uptime = 0 % , FatCow Response Time = 0 s.

FatCow review: Original plan.
About FatCow: FatCow was founded in 1998, FatCow is a hosting solutions provider was providing of shared web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals looking for an affordable Web hosting option, the support call center and online live chat are always ready. FatCow IT infrastructures including the redundance internet connections connected to their load-balanced linux servers, and also a state-of-the-art Cisco PIX firewall fo better security.
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Calls Number: 1-866-544-9343

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