GoDaddy dedicated server review : GoDaddy Premium Linux dedicated hosting server plan review.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Review

Plan: Premium Linux Visit GoDaddy dedicated , Ranking 212 points

GoDaddy dedicated server plan was offering by GoDaddy hosting solutions provider, Premium Linux is a name of dedicated server hosting plan offered by GoDaddy, this Premium Linux is cost you $467.91 USD per month if you go 24 Months payment dealor you can host with GoDaddy Premium Linux dedicated server plan by pay $569.9 per month for 3 Months deal. GoDaddy dedicated server offered 300 (Raid disks) GB dedicated disk space, 2,000 GB monthly traffic and unlimited domains. GoDaddy dedicated server equipped with Intel Pentium Core 2 Quad 2.83 Ghz with 8 MB on die total cache 1066 Mhz FSB, the dedicated server was running with 4 GB DDR SDRAM memory. GoDaddy Linux Premium Linux plan is used Plesk for contol and administration for dedicated server clients. is also provides GoDaddy Uptime Monitoring information, we're start monitor GoDaddy since Tue, 02-Dec-08, so GoDaddy is monitored for where GoDaddy average uptime is 99.82%, weekly uptime is 0% and average response time is 0.2208 second.

General features
GoDaddy Premium Linux dedicated server plan offers 300 (Raid disks) GB Dedicated Server Space, 2,000 GB Monthly Bandwidth, Unlimited domains, OS is Linux, Price $467.91 per month (24 Months) payment deal.
Intel Pentium Core 2 Quad processor 2.83 Ghz, 8 MB total cache, 1066 Mhz FSB .
PHP, ASP, CGI, SSI, Python, JSP .
Unlimited MySql .
Unlimited POP3 email accounts .
Dedicated server control panel by Plesk, SSH, Private SSL, CronJobs, root access .
Additional offers
3 Dedicated IPs .
24/7 support team, Live support, On call support .
Free Promotions
UPS, Own Data Center, FireWall, Backup power generator, DDoS Protection, OC48 network .
Uptime Review
Long run GoDaddy Review Overall Uptime 99.82 %, Weekly uptime = 0 %
GoDaddy Average response time = 0.2208 s, Since Tue, 02-Dec-08().

GoDaddy Daily/Weekly Uptime, Response Time and Reliability Review.
1st/ Sat, 09-Oct-21
GoDaddy, Daily Uptime = 0 % , GoDaddy Response Time = 0 s..
2nd/ Sun, 10-Oct-21
GoDaddy, Daily Uptime = 0 % , GoDaddy Response Time = 0 s.
3rd/ Mon, 11-Oct-21
GoDaddy, Daily Uptime = 0 % , GoDaddy Response Time = 0 s.
4th/ Tue, 12-Oct-21
GoDaddy, Daily Uptime = 0 % , GoDaddy Response Time = 0 s.
5th/ Wed, 13-Oct-21
GoDaddy, Daily Uptime = 0 % , GoDaddy Response Time = 0 s.
6th/ Thu, 14-Oct-21
GoDaddy, Daily Uptime = 0 % , GoDaddy Response Time = 0 s.
7th/ Fri, 15-Oct-21
GoDaddy, Daily Uptime = 0 % , GoDaddy Response Time = 0 s.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Review: Premium Linux dedicated hosting plan.
About GoDaddy: Since 1997, the GoDaddy Group of companies also includes Wild West Domains, Inc., a reseller of domains and domain-related products and services; Domains by Proxy, a private registration service; Starfield Technologies, a research and development affiliate; and Blue Razor Domains, a membership-based discount registrar .

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Sales & Support (480)505-8877

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