AwardSpace dedicated server review : AwardSpace Globe dedicated hosting server plan review.

AwardSpace Dedicated Server Review

Plan: Globe(25% Discount) Visit AwardSpace dedicated
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AwardSpace dedicated server plan was offering by AwardSpace hosting solutions provider, Globe is a name of dedicated server hosting plan offered by AwardSpace, this Globe is cost you $79 USD per month if you go 12 Months payment deal. AwardSpace dedicated server offered 160 (non Raid) GB dedicated disk space, 1,000 GB monthly traffic and 5 domains hosting. AwardSpace dedicated server equipped with Intel Celeron 430 1.8 Ghz with 0.5 MB on die total cache 533 Mhz FSB, the dedicated server was running with 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667 Mhz memory. AwardSpace Linux/Windows Globe plan is used ZettaHost for contol and administration for dedicated server clients. is also provides AwardSpace Uptime Monitoring information, we're start monitor AwardSpace since Tue, 09-Dec-08, so AwardSpace is monitored for 10 years 11 weeks 14 hours 2 minutes where AwardSpace average uptime is 99.72%, weekly uptime is 100% and average response time is 0.4235 second.

General features
AwardSpace Globe dedicated server plan offers 160 (non Raid) GB Dedicated Server Space, 1,000 GB Monthly Bandwidth, 5 domains, OS is Linux/Windows, Price $79 per month (12 Months) payment deal.
Intel Celeron 430 processor 1.8 Ghz, 0.5 MB total cache, 533 Mhz FSB .
1 GB DDR2 SDRAM 667 Mhz.
PHP, ASP, CGI, SSI, Python, JSP .
Unlimited MySql .
Unlimited POP3 email accounts .
Dedicated server control panel by ZettaHost, SSH, Private SSL, CronJobs, root access .
Additional offers
1 Dedicated IPs .
24/7 support team, Live support, On call support .
Free Promotions
UPS, Own Data Center, FireWall, Backup power generator, DDoS Protection, OC48 network .
Uptime Review
Long run AwardSpace Review Overall Uptime 99.72 %, Weekly uptime = 100 %
AwardSpace Average response time = 0.4235 s, Since Tue, 09-Dec-08(10 years 11 weeks 14 hours 2 minutes ).

AwardSpace Daily/Weekly Uptime, Response Time and Reliability Review.
1st/ Thu, 14-Feb-19
AwardSpace, Daily Uptime = 100 % , AwardSpace Response Time = 0.0201 s..
2nd/ Fri, 15-Feb-19
AwardSpace, Daily Uptime = 100 % , AwardSpace Response Time = 0.0209 s.
3rd/ Sat, 16-Feb-19
AwardSpace, Daily Uptime = 100 % , AwardSpace Response Time = 0.0214 s.
4th/ Sun, 17-Feb-19
AwardSpace, Daily Uptime = 100 % , AwardSpace Response Time = 0.0182 s.
5th/ Mon, 18-Feb-19
AwardSpace, Daily Uptime = 100 % , AwardSpace Response Time = 0.0222 s.
6th/ Tue, 19-Feb-19
AwardSpace, Daily Uptime = 100 % , AwardSpace Response Time = 0.1755 s.
7th/ Wed, 20-Feb-19
AwardSpace, Daily Uptime = 100 % , AwardSpace Response Time = 0.0323 s.

AwardSpace Dedicated Server Review: Globe dedicated hosting plan.

About AwardSpace: AWARDSPACE is a web hosting company that has two mother companies Zetta Hosting Solutions and AttractSoft GmbH, one of AWARDSPACE datacenters - LambdaNet in Kiel, Germany was providing 50 Gbits traffic capacity, professional air conditioning system (ETS 300 019-2-3 Class 3.1), fire pre-detection system, UPS (230V/48V) and a diesel power generator that are keep their clustered servers working smoothly.
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Contact AwardSpace Sales:
US Phone no.:
+1 (347) 223 5853
UK Phone no.:
+44 20 8 1234 790

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